Kenny Coppola

Kenny comes from South Lyon, Michigan and is a mechanic in a steel mill. Kenny enjoys all types of racing but especially loves NASCAR and Formula 1. Kenny drives a SVT Focus in real-life and enjoys fishing, hunting, hockey, and soccer! Kenny earned a Loose Lugz Racing League Championship in Season 2 and has earned an Atlanta Road To Pro win!

Nagisa Yoshikawa

Nagisa was born in Chicago and is soon to turn 16 years old. He races karts in real-life and watches as much racing as he can. His goals are to race on the Road To Indy in real-life and his favorite cars are low to medium downforce open wheel racecars such as the Indy Pro 2000, USF2000, and F4. Nagisa currently holds a 4800 road irating and has earned top 10 in the Indy Pro 2000 Championship in the last three seasons! He has 73 wins and 340 top 5s!

Asa Spears

Asa comes from Sterrett, Alabama and has won the 1st and 2nd annual Ice Bowls in the Dirt Super Late Models at Lernerville Speedway. Asa has a lot of experience running for multiple different setup shops and teams including Total Advantage. Asa broke his knee in January of 2022 and has just started to get back into iRacing. His goals are to improve himself and also help all of our supporters grow!

Tyler S Campbell

Tyler is from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and grew up racing go-karts. He won the 2002 K.A.R.T. Spring Series Championship at 10 years old, and the 2003 Amateur Nationals a year later, but had to quit due to financial reasons in 2006. He returned in 2016, but injured a muscle in his back, effectively ending his karting comeback. His dream has always been to become a professional racing driver, something he is still working toward making a reality, whether in the sim or real life.